Speed up jekyll site generation with rsync

Jekyll doesn’t support incremental generation so if your site contains loads of static assets like image, audios,.. jekyll is gonna stroke everytime you re-generate your site by deleting and re-generate/re-coppying everything. This little trick below will help you speeding up jekyll generation process by skipping all the static assets that you specified, until jekyll comes up with a better solution. Rename your static asset folder with underscore in front.

Link Post in Jekyll

Link post is nothing but the post’s title linking to another url instead of the post url. You need to specify where it points to. I use link here but you can just use any name you feel like using. And then in post.html layout and index.html homepage. You just need to check if link is set; change the title’s href to the link variable of the post. You may need to change page variable to post when looping inside your index.