Dynamic DNS with CloudFlare

I use this project oznu/docker-cloudflare-dns1 where the author implements everything in bash, curl and jq. There were a bunch of projects that does this DDNS with CloudFlare but I chose this project because of this uniqueness. To use this, you just have to create an API token with Cloudflare that has these permissions: Zone - Zone Settings - Read Zone - Zone - Read Zone - DNS - Edit Also, set zone resources to All zones.

Thoughts on Workers KV

Infrequent write / frequent read I tried to build a with Cloudflare workers and Workers KV. However, the specs runner keeps failing, inconsistently. Meaning they would pass this run and fail the next. Manual tests usually doesn’t have this problem. This tells me it seems Workers KV is not synchronous or the data replication is slow. Turns out, it’s mentioned right there in the Workers KV’s docs; emphasises are mine.


Another experiment with Cloudflare workers. I haven’t use Worker KV here though. reader is a service that mimic reader mode on browser and let user shares the reader mode view on the web. It’s still super buggy now due to lib that I use is quite abandoned at the moment. I just want to whip out something that works first. Something I learnt from reading Cloudflare workers docs while doing this:

Experiment with Cloudflare Workers

I’ve been meaning to try Cloudflare Workers with my blog. Given that it’s static website, it should be straight forward to do. They (Cloudflare) makes it incredibly easy to migrate. Their tutorial works just fine with a minor exception regarding the DNS setup. The whole process took like 5 mins overall. I just had to do an additional step of setting up an A record of my domain to so that they can be resolved to Cloudflare Workers.

CloudFlare to offer free-SSL by mid-October

We’re on track to roll out SSL for all CloudFlare customers by mid-October. When we do, the number of sites that support HTTPS on the Internet will more than double. That they’ll also rank a bit higher is pretty cool too. CloudFlare is the coolest free CDN option out there. They responds so quick to the new Google’s HTTPS as a ranking signal.