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Debugging why k8s autoscaler wouldn't scale down

Symptom: autoscaler works (it can scale up) but for some reasons, it doesn’t scale down after the load goes away.

I spent sometimes debugging and turns out, it’s not really a bug per se. More of a bad luck pod placement on my Kubernetes cluster.

I first added --v=4 to get more verbose logging in cluster-autoscaler and watch kubectl get logs -f cluster-autoscaler-xxx. I notice this line from the logs

<node-name> cannot be removed: non-deamons set, non-mirrored, kube-system pod present: tiller-deploy-aydsfy

This node is in fact under-ultilized but there is a non-deamons set, non-mirrored, kube-system pod presented, that’s why it can’t be removed.

tiller-deploy is a deployment that comes with Helm package manager.

So it seems I just have to migrate the pod to another node and it’s gonna be fine.

You can also read more on how cluster-autoscaler works here on GitHub

smaz.js - a Node.js module binding for smaz

smaz.js is smaz (short string compression from antirez) binding for v8 Javascript engine.

I’ve just released it on GitHub. My very first attempt at creating native library binding for Node.js.

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Setting up fluentd log forwarding from Kubernetes to AWS Cloudwatch Logs

Fluentd Docker image to send Kuberntes logs to CloudWatch

Very easy to setup. Good option for centralized logging if all of your infrastructures are already in AWS.

echo -n "accesskeyhere" > aws_access_key
echo -n "secretkeyhere" > aws_secret_key
kubectl create secret --namespace=kube-system generic fluentd-secrets --from-file=aws_access_key --from-file=aws_secret_key
kubectl apply -f fluentd-cloudwatch-daemonset.yaml

On a side note, I think i will need to move fluend configuration file to secret as I just want to collect logs from certain namespace/filter.

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Kubernetes spot termination notice handler

A DaemonSet to be run on node instance and keep polling for termination notice.

The daemonset will poll every 5 seconds which will give you approx 2 minutes to drain the spot node and migrate pods to another node.

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GopherCon 2016: Kelsey Hightower - Building a custom Kubernetes scheduler

How to build a custom Kubernetes scheduler by Mr. Kubernetes

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Fix Terminal no longer uses keychain in MacOS Sierra

Since Sierra, I got prompted for my ssh key password everytime. After digging a bit, it seems Apple just changes it recently.

On macOS, specifies whether the system should search for passphrases in the user’s keychain when attempting to use a particular key. When the passphrase is provided by the user, this option also specifies whether the passphrase should be stored into the keychain once it has been verified to be correct. The argument must be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The default is ‘no’.

In order to fix this, you just have to enable UseKeychain for every hosts by adding these lines into your .ssh/config file

Host *
   AddKeysToAgent yes
   UseKeychain yes
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Alternatively, you can add ssh-add -A into your .bashrc or .zshrc.

Why we choose Kubernetes over ECS

A bit outdated post but many points stay valid.

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Bring in the Goddamn Adults Already

Time and time again, the young startup promotes their longest-tenured young engineer to become CTO of their 20-something startup. And it makes sense on the surface, because it’s their “best” engineer. And why not? They’ve been there for so long that they know the system they’ve built more than anyone else.
But now they have two problems: they lose their “best” engineer, and on top of that, they gain what’s probably a shit manager.

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Using ioredis with twemproxy

Twemproxy is a fast/lightweight proxy for memcached and redis.

Not all Redis commands are supported. You can take a look at the list of supported commands on Github


kube-monkey is an implementation of Netflix’s Chaos Monkey for Kubernetes clusters. It randomly deletes Kubernetes pods in the cluster encouraging and validating the development of failure-resilient services.

Netflix’s Chaos Monkey for Kubernetes

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