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Why We Hate Infographics And Why You Should

Good read.

Here’s an example of why.

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Liquid for OS X

It’s like a less polished, less customizable version of PopClip. Also less-annoying since it’s activated by hotkey instead of by selecting text. PopClip should seriously consider adding this option.

P.S.: The website maps Command+F on OS X to Facebook Share. Pretty weird choice of shortcut.

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Drag and drop to share file. No limits of file size, file type whatsoever.

And the demo video is just so gooood. Watch it.

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Volume Scroll

Use your scroll over the menu bar and change the volume.


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Find the fastest DNS server available for you.

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Contexts for Mac

contexts for mac

Currently testing this app as I’m not quite happy with Witch (unresponsive somtimes and doesn’t seem to get fixed anytime soon).

The app and the website look very nice though. You should check it out.

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Droplr Draw

Droplr Draw

Nice and clean. Available for Pro users only.

It’s still not tempted enough to get me subscribe for Pro plan though. Glui is currently doing the job quite well.

Link Post in Jekyll

Link post is nothing but the post’s title linking to another url instead of the post url.

You need to specify where it points to. I use link here but you can just use any name you feel like using.

And then in post.html layout and index.html homepage. You just need to check if link is set; change the title’s href to the link variable of the post. You may need to change page variable to post when looping inside your index.html homepage.

Nginx Plus

I myself would love to see nginxorg to go into another direction, like CloudFlare is currently doing, taking advantages of their expertise in serving http and stuff. That way, Nginx Plus will be more of an addon service, a complement to nginxorg instead of an alternative.

On the other hand, I’m always tempted at checking out tengine for its dynamic module loading support. I now have one more reason to do so.

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Shiori - A Pinboard & Delicious Client for OS X

Goodbye Delibar.

Shiori was developed by Akhiro Noguchi - the developer of YoruFukurou.

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