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Contexts for Mac

contexts for mac

Currently testing this app as I’m not quite happy with Witch (unresponsive somtimes and doesn’t seem to get fixed anytime soon).

The app and the website look very nice though. You should check it out.

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Droplr Draw

Droplr Draw

Nice and clean. Available for Pro users only.

It’s still not tempted enough to get me subscribe for Pro plan though. Glui is currently doing the job quite well.

Link Post in Jekyll

Link post is nothing but the post’s title linking to another url instead of the post url.

You need to specify where it points to. I use link here but you can just use any name you feel like using.

And then in post.html layout and index.html homepage. You just need to check if link is set; change the title’s href to the link variable of the post. You may need to change page variable to post when looping inside your index.html homepage.

Nginx Plus

I myself would love to see nginxorg to go into another direction, like CloudFlare is currently doing, taking advantages of their expertise in serving http and stuff. That way, Nginx Plus will be more of an addon service, a complement to nginxorg instead of an alternative.

On the other hand, I’m always tempted at checking out tengine for its dynamic module loading support. I now have one more reason to do so.

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Shiori - A Pinboard & Delicious Client for OS X

Goodbye Delibar.

Shiori was developed by Akhiro Noguchi - the developer of YoruFukurou.

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Korean Buses Now Wirelessly Charge as They Drive

specially adapted roads with electrical cables lying just underneath the surface to magnetically transfer power to Online Electric Vehicle

Imagine a future where you never have to manually charge your phone. Awesome!

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We demand magic — a retina iPad Mini with no decrease in battery life, but no increase in thickness, weight, or price. And they need to produce at least 20 million of them by Christmas.

But … but … it’s Apple.

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Because all the cool kids are playing Z-Type. You know!

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How Koreans Solve Their Parking Issue and Saving Oil

Brilliant idea: using balloon as signal for available parking slot.

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How To Fake Database Design

In short:

  • Every “noun” gets its own table.

  • “many to many” relationship get their own tables

  • “one to many” relationship require the table that “owns” another table have its id in that other table

  • Any time a table has an id that refers to a row in another table, use a foreign key constraint to make sure that id really exists

Doing this would probably results in many tables but it would help ensuring the 3NF(every non-key attrib must provide a fact about key, the whole key and nothing but the key) quite easily and go further for 4NF and 5NF - the ultimate, super-uber normal form (Jeez who need 5NF!?).

If you want an easy, effortless and good enough design, go for this.

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