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IntelliJ IDEA 13 to be released with Java 7 Bundled Mac Installer

Good news, everyone!

Most notably, it includes a preview version of the new Mac installer with bundled JRE 1.7.

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How to use Source Code Pro font with JetBrains IDE

Source Code Pro is a very nice font but the lack of italic variant makes it unusable (out of the box) in any of JetBrains products.

In order to workaround this, you can rather:

  • Copy Source Code Pro’s ttf fonts to folder /Library/Java/Home/lib/fonts (OS X Mavericks) according to this comment on GitHub. It works fine for me. Apparently, by doing this, IntelliJ will pick the regular variant and use it where italic is needed. So it’s kinda of the same as the method below 1.

  • Use a fall-back font that that has italic variant and looks similar to your font of choice . But if that’s the case, why not just use the fall-back font as the primary one.

  • Don’t use italic font 1.

  • Pray and wait for someone to submit a pull request of italic variant.

I myself went with option 3 and decided to stick with Panic Sans in IntelliJ IDEA (and Source Code Pro everywhere else) for the time being.

FastR - an implementation of R in Java

Experiment result is significantly better.

On a side note, I found Julia lang quite a tempting alternative.

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What goes into what in MVC

Explain MVC like I’m 5.

View: “Hey, controller, the user just told me he wants item 4 deleted.”

Controller: “Hmm, having checked his credentials, he is allowed to do that… Hey, model, I want you to get item 4 and do whatever you do to delete it.”

Model: “Item 4… got it. It’s deleted. Back to you, Controller.”

Controller: “Here, I’ll collect the new set of data. Back to you, view.”

View: “Cool, I’ll show the new set to the user now.”

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How to group posts by month in Jekyll archive page

Take a look at the archive page of this site to get a peek of how it looks. I posted on Github Gist here just in case anyone needs it.

The six most common species of code

The six most common species of code

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An elegant, open source and mobile first theme for jekyll by Mark Otto - creator of Bootstrap.

Hyde - Jekyll theme

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History of the browser user-agent string

Good read.

And then Google built Chrome, and Chrome used Webkit, and it was like Safari, and wanted pages built for Safari, and so pretended to be Safari. And thus Chrome used WebKit, and pretended to be Safari, and WebKit pretended to be KHTML, and KHTML pretended to be Gecko, and all browsers pretended to be Mozilla, and Chrome called itself Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13, and the user agent string was a complete mess, and near useless, and everyone pretended to be everyone else, and confusion abounded.

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Humble New Tab Page

The latest addition to my Chrome extensions list, replaced the good old ‘Empty New Tab Page’.

Humble New Tab Page is lightweight, fast, open-sourced and very customizable.

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Letter to a young programmer

From Guido van Rossum - inventor of Python.

I heard you enjoy a certain programming language named Python. Programming is a wonderful activity. I am a little jealous that you have access to computers at your age; when I grew up I didn’t even know what a computer was! I was an electronics hobbyist though, and my big dream was to build my own electronic calculator from discrete components. I never did do that, but I did build several digital clocks, and it was amazing to build something that complex and see it work. I hope you dream big too – programmers can make computers (and robots!) do amazing things, and this is a great time to become a programmer. Just imagine how much faster computers will be in five or ten years, and what you will be able to do with your skills then!

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