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Tắt tiếng của tab ở Chrome

Ever notice the volume icon on Chrome tab and wonder why you can’t click to mute it before? Well, you can now. Just copy and paste the code below to see hidden flags in Chrome, enable it and relaunch Chrome afterward. You can now click the volume icon to mute that particular tab.


The Codeless Code - Fables and Kōans for the Software Engineer

An illustrated collection of (sometimes violent) fables concerning the Art and Philosophy of software development, written in the spirit of Zen kōans

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MusicBrainz Picard

Picard is a cross-platform music tagger written in Python.

Great piece of software. Usually, I just add all music files I grab from the Internet through Picard before adding into iTunes for syncing.

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A collective list of Manchester United players' autobiographies

Autobiographies/biographies of ManUtd’s players that I’ve read so far.

Title Type Player Link
Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography Autobiography Alex Ferguson Download
Managing My Life: My Autobiography Autobiography Alex Ferguson Download
David Beckham: My Side Autobiography David Beckham Download
Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King Autobiography Eric Cantona Download
Red: My Autobiography Autobiography Gary Neville Download
Back from the Brink: The Autobiography Autobiography Paul McGrath Download
2sides: Rio Ferdinand - My Autobiography Autobiography Rio Ferdinand Download
The Second Half Autobiography Roy Keane Download
Giggsy: The Biography of Ryan Giggs Biography Ryan Giggs Download
Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far Autobiography Wayne Rooney Download

Đặc quyền con người qua trò ném giấy vào thùng

dac quyen con nguoi qua tro nem giay

(…) when conservatives go on about “equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome,” they’re either blinded to the fact that equality of opportunity doesn’t exist or they’re aware of that fact and simply being disingenuous.

Be aware of the opportunities that we enjoy, which others may not. Our success might not be merely our own, can hopefully instill in us some empathy for people who didn’t have similar opportunities.

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Về một thách thức trong quá trình học hỏi

Mỗi đất nước, dân tộc, văn hóa, thậm chí mỗi cá nhân là một vũ trụ phức tạp, chứ không phải là những nhân vật của một vở kịch tuyên truyền thô thiển: người này giỏi, người kia kém, trắng đen rõ ràng và bất biến. Thách thức trong quá trình học hỏi là nhận biết được sự phức tạp, những xung đột, những chấn thương, bế tắc, những năng lượng của một quốc gia, một nền văn hóa.
Ngược lại, càng mù quáng, tôn sùng vô điều kiện một cái gì đó thì lại càng dễ thất bại. Và khi vỡ mộng, người ta lại càng vội vã tuyên bố phải “thoát” nó ngay lập tức để chạy tới tôn thờ một cái mới. Tâm thế đó là tâm thế của những kẻ mất tự do.

Nói chung là mỗi nền văn hóa đều có điểm tích cực và tiêu cực. Nên học hỏi 1 cách có lựa chọn thay vì tôn sùng mù quáng.

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We all want Love.

There’s always someone for somebody.

Be vulnerable. Break down your walls. Open up.

Be kind to yourself.

It will come. It will happen. Don’t try to find it, somebody’s gonna find you.

Choose your relationships. Value those who are important to you.

Do not take them for granted, ever.

And most of all, love. Always.

Managing multiple SSH tunnels is easy with Secure Pipes

I know we can easily get away with a single command line but this app makes it so much easier for dealing with multiple ssh tunnel. Also, without the hassle of going to Network Preferences to toggle socks proxy. This is the best app I tried so far.

Secure Pipes - Free

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Official Oracle driver for Node.JS

Currently at v0.2. node-oracledb makes use of C API for performance which makes it more like a “thick client”. That mean you are required to install Oracle’s client lbiraries1. Though versioned as 0.2, node-oracledb already supports a lot of features such as connection pooling, statement caching, client-result caching, etc…

node-oracledb is not yet available through npm. You will have to clone and run npm install manually by yourself. Windows support is still pretty rough but I don’t actually care much. I don’t have much need for Windows server these days anyway.

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Atom switches to io.js

Great news for io.js team. There are quite a few big names in OSS joining the io.js train already, namely NW.js, Atom.

To be fair, I don’t want io.js to merge back to nodejs if they succeed. The more I read about nodejs and Joyent, the more I hate them. io.js should just proceed on their own.

As for Atom, it still fails to impress me after a long time. Loading application alone (no project) is approx~ 2 seconds for me1 which is unacceptable. Code editor should be fast. If they can’t even sort this out, I don’t think I would bother trying their regex search or anything else performance-required.

  1. I’m using a Macbook Air mid-2011. 

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