The Birth & Death of JavaScript

Old but gold. This science fiction / comedy / absurdist / completely serious talk traces the history of JavaScript, and programming in general, from 1995 until 2035. It’s not pro- or anti-JavaScript; the language’s flaws are discussed frankly, but its ultimate impact on the industry is tremendously positive.

Advice to new managers

Advice to new managers: Earn trust by giving it Inspire, don’t tell Eat lunch with your team Show their work matters Be a player-coach Feedback in private, praise in public In victory, lead from back In crisis, lead from front Be the manager you wish you had via Twitter

DejaLu - a new open source email client by Sparrow's author

I downloaded the beta and gave it a try. At this stage, it’s already a better email client than Airmail. Some notes: Amazing startup speed. Why can’t all apps be like this? Nice and clean UI. Community themes could be a great feature to have but I don’t mind not having it. I specially like the conversation list view. It’s just so clean.

Series and parallel execution with async/await

TIL series async function series() { await wait(500); // Wait 500ms… await wait(500); // …then wait another 500ms. return "done!"; } parallel async function parallel() { const wait1 = wait(500); // Start a 500ms timer asynchronously… const wait2 = wait(500); // …meaning this timer happens in parallel. await wait1; // Wait 500ms for the first timer… await wait2; // …by which time this timer has already finished. return "done!"; }

2017: year in review

Best year at work yet! I worked on a project (with a several members of my team) to migrate our apps onto Kubernetes cluster since the beginning of 2017. We’ve been using Kubernetes in production since. Convince and guide other teams to follow our initiative to migrate to Kubernetes. 💸 Significantly reduce our AWS bills with the use of spot instances / spot fleet while maintaining high availability of the system.

A better way to go through terminal command history

In the past, I used to use Ctrl+R to search my terminal command history but it’s unreliable. I couldn’t wrap my head around how it search sometimes. Thanksfully, I was introduced to fzf and it’s has been a wonderful little gem. The power of fzf is much more than just searching through command history, depends on how creative you are. The one I show here is just an example of how powerful fzf is.

The silence of the Lambda

A lot has changed since last I look at it. Still a bit awkward but the toolings around Lambda have significantly improved. Related: AWS Lambda reserved concurrency Safe Lambda deployment

Traits of a good leader

Found this on HackerNews. Very much on point, though I don’t quite agree with the last item. You have to have your people’s back, this is the most important thing… be there for them, insulate them from problems and management stupidity and always fight for them. Lead by example, never ask them to do something you won’t do yourself. Communicate, I have booked on afternoon a week from 14:00pm till 16:00 and more to just talk with my team and discuss everything from work, to weather, sports, to bitch and moan against the company, etc…