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August 14, 2021

My blogging setup these days

Posted on August 14, 2021  •  2 minutes  • 249 words

Previous setup

I used a small VPS instance on RamNode to host my blog previously. No particular reason. I just happened to have lots of unused credits there.

I have a local git repo on my Macbook. Setup a git hook to trigger jekyll build on the VPS. Nothing fancy. No CI/CD whatsoever.

The new setup

I recently migrated my blog from self-hosted on RamNode to Cloudflare Pages. There are still some quirks but it’s alright for personal use.

I hosted the source code of my blog on GitHub. They already have a nice Markdown editor with preview which I can use from anywhere via a web browser.

I can just create a new file in _posts, preview with GitHub editor and when I’m done with it, commit and push. Cloudflare Pages will take it from there.

This is important because these days, I’m mostly using my iPad for all of my computational needs. And the web browser on iPad is desktop grade now :).

Prior this, I tried another setup where I setup code-server on a local machine at home and use vscode via browser. To access the code-server from the Internet while I’m not at home, I installed Tailscale on that machine and my iPad. Btw, Tailscale is amazing. You ought to try it out.

While the code-server setup works and quite extensible, I feel it’s still too heavy for blogging needs. I still keep this setup around when I need to tinker with Golang or Rust.

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