The state of tiling window manager on Windows 10

The state

1. Workspacer

  • Opensource.
  • Best in term of feature set.
  • Closest thing to an actual tiling window manager on Windows 10.
  • Have some weird bugs that’s quite annoying.
  • Development velocity is slow.

2. Bug.n

  • Opensource.
  • Written in scripting language - AutoHotkey. Require AutoHotkey installed.

3. PowerToys

  • Opensourced by Microsoft.
  • Not really tiling. It’s still manual process.
  • Very stable for daily use.
  • Not really focusing on window management, it’s just one of the features.
  • Development velocity is very fast.


I settled on PowerToys for now but keeping an eye on workspacer. I love workspacer’s feature set. It actually has everything I need but lacking stability.