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2018: year in review

Posted on December 26, 2018  •  2 minutes  • 260 words


✨ 2018 in review ✨

👩🏻‍💼 My wife got promoted

👨‍💻 Another amazing year at work for me

🏠 We bought a house

🤑 We paid off the loan early

🎤 Gave 2 public talks (or 1. The first one is a rather small audience - 50-ish people)

We bought a house

My wife and I went for a major decision earlier this year.

We decided to buy a house with a little loan. We both agreed to live below our means and push ourselves really hard to pay it off within a year. We did it in 8 months 🔥

The fact that my wife got promoted also did help speeding it up.

Push for Kubernetes adoption at work

I pushed for Kubernetes adoption with my current company and it finally went live later in July. We switch from the classic on-demand instances over to spot instances mixed with reserved instances and Kubernetes for wordload orchestration. EC2 cost reduces more than 50 percent as the result.


I did two talks this year on cost saving optimization with Kubernetes. Actually, I wrote one keynote talk and gave it twice.

The solution is basically Spotinst but available for small and medium size business without 30% cut from Spotinst.

Speaking plan for 2019: maybe 3 or 4 talks. Maybe “Cost saving optimization with Kubernetes and spot instances” for the last time and something new.

2018, you were good to us ❤️

Here is to an amazing year of 2019!

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