Favorite QMK hacks

macOS media keys

macOS media keys are supported on QMK: KC__MUTE, KC__VOLUP, KC__VOLDOWN, etc…

This is essential if you’re using macOS.

Grave Escape

If you’re using a 60% keyboard, or any other layout with no F-row, you will have noticed that there is no dedicated Escape key. Grave Escape is a feature that allows you to share the grave key (` and ~) with Escape.

This is godsend if you’re using 60% keyboard.

Mod-Tap keys

The Mod-Tap key MT(mod, kc) acts like a modifier when held, and a regular keycode when tapped.

I use this to setup right shift to be TILDE on tap and RSHIFT on hold as normal.

This feature is very useful for those modifiers like CTRL, SHIFT and ALT because you probably never tap those keys.

Space Cadet Shift

Essentially, when you tap Left Shift on its own, you get an opening parenthesis; tap Right Shift on its own and you get the closing one. When held, the Shift keys function as normal. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

I don’t quite understand the need for this actually. It’s cool still.

Space Cadet Shift Enter

Tap the Shift key on its own, and it behaves like Enter. When held, the Shift functions as normal.

This one kinda make sense though because it’s next to the ENTER key. To be honest, they could have use SFT_T(KC_ENTER) to achieve the similar result.

KC_RGUI and KC_LGUI do not register

Try holding Space + Backspace as you plug in the keyboard. Credit to @braidn