A look back at 2015

I kicked off 2015 with lots of anxiety. I reconnect with my best friend from secondary school (then; wife now). For the first time in years, I really wanted to move back to Vietnam.

Early in 2015, I went back to Thailand after Tet holiday, start looking around for a job in Vietnam or any job that accept remote workers to smooth the transition. I found one later in May-June. They only require me to work in Thailand for awhile (1 month) so that I can get accustom with how they work there.

Got married to a beautiful girl who also happens to be my best friend from secondary school.

Bought a beautiful Pomeranian. Named her Min.

My family and me during Tet 2016.

Grow a little garden on the balcony

2015 had been good to me and perhaps my most important year of my life. I’m looking forward to 2016 with many goals in mind. The difference is now I got my wife to back me up 👫.