io.js v1.0.0 released

A fork of node.js with faster release cycle and open source governance. io.js v1.0.0 also marks the return of Ben Noordhuis with third most commits in node.js as a technical commitee.

For those who don’t know about Ben Noordhuis’s story1. Here’s a short version:

  • Ben Noorddhuis was a major contributor to NodeJS and a voluntee

  • Ben Noorddhuis rejected a pull request2 that would have made pronoun in the document gender neutral. The documents were already grammatically correct, but whoever made the pull request had a political preference for using a non masculine pronoun. Ben rightly saw this a trivial change and reject. Issacs accepted the PR and Ben attempted to revert3 it.

  • Joyent put an embarrassing and immature blog post which essentially called Ben an “asshole” and said that if he was an employee he’d be fired.

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