A minimal iTerm2 setup

My current machine is a Macbook Air 11 inches so screen estate is a luxury thing. I’ve always try to maximise the use of my screen by things like moving Dock to the side (and auto hide, delay set to 0), making use of multiple Mission Control desktop,etc…

It always strikes me that even though iTerm2 already supports tmux out-out-the-box, it still has all that title bar and tab bar. They are basically useless to me. So why not getting rid of it? iTerm2 is open-source anyway.

You just have to clone the repo and edit a bit to get rid of the titlebar.

git clone https://github.com/gnachman/iTerm2.git
cd iTerm2
vi sources/PseudoTerminal.m

Search for method styleMaskForWindowType and in the default case, remove NSTitledWindowMask.

	return (NSTitledWindowMask |
	NSClosableWindowMask |
	NSMiniaturizableWindowMask |
	NSResizableWindowMask |

Rebuild and enjoy the new sexy, minimal look of iTerm2.