Shower thought about movie recommedation

Once in awhile, when I see a movie that I like, I go to IMDB and find out who directed it; who are the main actor/actress; what are the others highly rated movies of that director, main actor/actress. Then I will go on systematically watching one film after another. Given that they are good enough to keep me going.

The result is decidedly mixed. It doesn’t always turn out to be good as I want but it works, to a degree.

The thing about movie is that it takes million of dollars to make and it involves many parties. It’s hard for the creator to make the movie the way they indended to make. And I guess it makes sense. Making movie is unlike writing a novel; at least not until technology evolves to make producing movies cheap enough to be an habit like writing novels.

When that happened, recommender system for movies will be a lot easier to implemented and more accurated.