How to setup Sublime-IJulia with Sublime Text

I love Sublime Text. I prefer to do all of my development in Sublime Text if possible, especially when Julia Studio or Juno don’t offer much addtional features.

The instructions on GitHub repo is a bit confusing so I decided to rewrite it steps by steps how to set Sublime-IJulia up on OS X. I can’t say for other OS though.

I suppose that you have already had homebrew and julia installed (v0.3.3 as of this post) and add julia to PATH variable.

Install zeromq and ipython

From terminal app, install python and zeromq

# instaling requirements
brew install python zeromq
pip install ipython

After that, launch julia console and install ZMQ and IJulia packages. ZMQ and IJulia should be added and builded successfully.


Install Sublime-IJulia

Now head to Sublime Text and install Sublime-IJulia by pressing Ctrl+Cmd+P and type Install Package, search for Sublime-IJulia.

Follow the instruction from step 7 of this GitHub repo. There are a few things to note though:

  • Change zeromq dylib path because of the version difference.

  • If you got Kernel died error message, try using absolute path for julia even though you already have it in $PATH variable.

That’s it. Follow the instructions carefully and it will work as expected.