Filco Majestouch 2 Italian Red (TKL) with blue switches

My latest addition to my keyboard collection: an Italian Red Filco Majestouch 2 (tenkeyless version) with blue switches.

It’s really hard to find a shop with Filco in stock here in Thailand. I could only find one with black switch in stock, which I am not a huge fan of as it’s the linear type with no tactile feedback and too stiff for my taste. Other shops mostly stock Razer, Rocco, SteelSeries and Ducky.

I was a bit hesitate at first with this purchase because I thought this board uses red switches (which is like black but less stiff) but turn out, it comes with blue one which is my favorite.

The keyboard comes with a keycap puller and some alternative keycaps: WASD cluster, 2 windows key and an Esc key, all are in red.

My next step is waiting for someone to sell their sexy SP’s Dolch (or Granite, or both :D) keyset to go with this board. In the meantime, this stock keyset probably will do just fine.