Poker 2 keyboard with Granite and Dolch keycaps

I’m thinking of getting a Poker 2 keyboard and a Granite keycap set just for the sake of looking at “her”. She’s so beautiful, it hurts.

My current favorite keyboard is the Laptop Pro with the Matias Silent Switch. It’s so fun to type on though I prefer the shape of the HHKB Pro 2. The downside of HHKB Pro 2 is the lack of supply for novelty keycaps. Poker 2 is the closest thing to HHKB’s form factor at the moment I believe. Plus, there are plenty of novelty/custom keycaps made for MX Cherry including the beautiful, gorgeous Granite keyset above.

Poker 2 is currently available for around $110 on Used one goes for around $60. Granite keyset will cost another $120-$130, makes it a total of $240 for a new one and $190 for a used one. For reference, it costs 1 HHKB Pro 21

Totally worth it for such beauty IMO.

  1. I got mine through a Japanese proxy call WhiteRabbitExpress. They quoted me $220 for the keyboard (shipping included) and $20 for their proxy service, which is very reasonable I believe. ↩︎