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Poker 2 keyboard with Granite and Dolch keycaps

Posted on September 13, 2014  •  2 minutes  • 214 words

I’m thinking of getting a Poker 2 keyboard and a Granite keycap set just for the sake of looking at “her”. She’s so beautiful, it hurts.

1 - Poker 2 keyboard with Granite and Dolch keycaps - credit of SpaceCadet2000
2 - KBParadise V60 Mini keyboard with Dolch DSA keycaps/RGB modifiers - credit of SpaceCadet2000

My current favorite keyboard is the Laptop Pro with the Matias Silent Switch. It’s so fun to type on though I prefer the shape of the HHKB Pro 2. The downside of HHKB Pro 2 is the lack of supply for novelty keycaps. Poker 2 is the closest thing to HHKB’s form factor at the moment I believe. Plus, there are plenty of novelty/custom keycaps made for MX Cherry including the beautiful, gorgeous Granite keyset above.

Poker 2 is currently available for around $110 on mechanicalkeyboards.com. Used one goes for around $60. Granite keyset will cost another $120-$130, makes it a total of $240 for a new one and $190 for a used one. For reference, it costs 1 HHKB Pro 21

Totally worth it for such beauty IMO.

  1. I got mine through a Japanese proxy call WhiteRabbitExpress. They quoted me $220 for the keyboard (shipping included) and $20 for their proxy service, which is very reasonable I believe. ↩︎

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