How to setup your VPS as a seedbox in under 15 mins

Zero (well, almost) Linux knowledge required!!!

This script is not mine. I just stumbled upon it and found it rather useful. If you are afraid about malicious script, you should download and verify it yourself.

This script will setup basically everything you need for a seedbox from thin client, web ui as well as FTP.

All you need to do is logging in and copy, paste these commands below, answer a few questions, then wait.

chmod +x seedbox-setup

Read and follow the instruction. The installation instruction is very straight forward and easy to understand. Upon finish, the setup script will also print out the information about web url, FTP address, etc… Note it down somewhere if you’re not sure.

I’ve tested this with Ubuntu 14.04 x64 on DigitalOcean and it works flawlessly. It should work on any other VPS as well.

Looking for a VPS provider? Check Hetzner or OVH out. RamNode is also good if you’re looking for a low cost VPS provider. For $15 a year, you can setup yourself a rather decent seedbox.

Fig.1 - ruTorrent web ui upon finished