Paginated post plugin for jekyll

I was wondering if anyone has created one like this before and stumbled across this issue on octopress repo. imathis came up with this proposition for paginated post.

  • The primary page would be the standard post url.

  • Successive pages would be at post-url/2/index.html, etc.

  • The atom feed will still show the full un-broken post.

  • A unified post will live at post-url/all/index.html containing a print-friendly, un-broken version of the post.

  • Pagination at the bottom will like to each page followed by a link to post-url/all/.

  • Posts will have paginate: true in their YAML header to enable this feature.

  • Posts will be broken up by html comments like <!--page-->.

  • The un-broken post will add visual page divisions, probably an <hr>.

  • There will be a way to direct read-later services (like Instapaper) to the un-broken post page.

I don’t actually need this plugin as my posts are mostly short posts but I will take this as a fun exercise over this weekend or next. The plugin will be available on GitHub later.